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Bohem Prague Hotel

Dear guests,

Accommodation services can be provided to everyone now if the person(s) interested in booking such a service do/es not manifestate any COVID-19 symptoms and prove having met one of the conditions stated at ☞ this page  (currently available in Czech only; having met these conditions is required only for persons above 6 years of age).

These persons are allowed to book a stay for up to 7 days; they are obligated to meet the conditions again or to undergo an on-the-spot self test after 7 days if they wish to stay longer, the self test has to result negative.

Thank you for your understanding 

Bohem Prague is a design hotel in the heart of one of the oldest Prague quarter - Smíchov. Hotel is suitable mainly for young adventurers, but it will please also guests who are interested in calm and comfortable stay or customers on a business trip. Each of the twelve rooms offers pleasant accommodation and a private bathroom. A permanent guest of the hotel is Mr. Bohem, a free-spirited and charismatic dandy who knows every nook of Prague and who will gladly guide you through the city.

Bohem Prague Hotel v Praze hodnocení