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Bohem Prague Hotel

Dear guests,

as of November 22, 2021, it is possible to provide accommodation services only to vaccinated persons and persons who underwent covid-19 less than 180 days ago, but their period of isolation has elapsed. Only the following groups, which have an exception, will be able to prove a negative result of the RT-PCR test (not older than 72 hours):

I. persons on a business trip or traveling for the purpose of caring for another person to be provided by a medical service

II. persons under 18 years of age

III. persons who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons

IV. persons who are in the process of being vaccinated (14 days have not elapsed since the last dose of the vaccine received).

Thank you for your understanding 

Bohem Prague is a design hotel in the heart of one of the oldest Prague quarter - Smíchov. Hotel is suitable mainly for young adventurers, but it will please also guests who are interested in calm and comfortable stay or customers on a business trip. Each of the twelve rooms offers pleasant accommodation and a private bathroom. A permanent guest of the hotel is Mr. Bohem, a free-spirited and charismatic dandy who knows every nook of Prague and who will gladly guide you through the city.

Bohem Prague Hotel v Praze hodnocení