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Bohem Hotel Prague

Dear customers, with effect from January 30, 2021, a government decree applies, which bans guest accommodation. Private and recreational stays cannot be realized. Accommodation services can be provided only to persons:

  • for which this accommodation is necessary for the performance of employment, business or other similar activity. These business trips must be documented by a written confirmation from the employer or the customer. I.e. the employee must submit a confirmation from the employer that he sent him on a business trip, self-employed persons or entrepreneurs will have to have a confirmation from the client of their work. This confirmation must be submitted to the accommodation service provider before the start of their stay. The accommodation provider must request confirmation and keep it for the entire stay of the client,
  • if the reason for the accommodation is the provision of a medical service, e.g. a guest need a medical specialist who is far from a guest's residence. A guest's necessary escort can also be accommodated,
  • which was ordered to work under the Crisis Act,
  • foreigners, if they do not have another residence in the Czech Republic, but who have the right to enter and stay in the Czech Republic in accordance with other regulations,
  • which isolation or quarantine has been ordered.

 Bohem Prague is a design hotel in the heart of one of the oldest Prague quarter - Smíchov. Hotel is suitable mainly for young adventurers, but it will please also guests who are interested in calm and comfortable stay or customers on a business trip. Each of the twelve rooms offers pleasant accommodation and a private bathroom. A permanent guest of the hotel is Mr. Bohem, a free-spirited and charismatic dandy who knows every nook of Prague and who will gladly guide you through the city.

Bohem Prague Hotel v Praze hodnocení