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Bohem Hotel Prague

Dear customers, with effect from Friday, December 27, 2020, the 5th degree of the anti-epidemic system (PES) applies. Related to this is a general ban on guest accommodation in hotels. As an exception, accommodation may be provided to persons:

  • for the purpose of pursuing a profession, a business or other similar activity,
  • which was ordered to work under the Crisis Act,
  • foreigners until leaving the territory of the Czech Republic and foreigners with a work permit in the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • which isolation or quarantine has been ordered,
  • whose accommodation has been arranged by the state, a territorial self-governing unit or bodies established by them or for the purpose of releasing the capacities of providers of health or social services or also for providing accommodation for the homeless,
  • in order to complete the accommodation started before the entry into force of this Government Resolution.


Bohem Prague is a design hotel in the heart of one of the oldest Prague quarter - Smíchov. Hotel is suitable mainly for young adventurers, but it will please also guests who are interested in calm and comfortable stay or customers on a business trip. Each of the twelve rooms offers pleasant accommodation and a private bathroom. A permanent guest of the hotel is Mr. Bohem, a free-spirited and charismatic dandy who knows every nook of Prague and who will gladly guide you through the city.

Bohem Prague Hotel v Praze hodnocení